EPAN is a protocol analyzer for ethernet networks. The program allows you to display the received frames either in an overview mode or in a frame detail mode. It is also possible to create a few statistics (frame size distribution, utilization or protocol statistics). For more detailed statistics EPAN offers to use an external program like gnuplot to evaluate the collected data. Data acquisition is done by a separate program called edump (similar to an RMON probe). This program can capture data from the following devices:

Unix version Supported network media
Linux v2.x and above Ethernet, Token-Ring, SLIP, PPP, ISDN, ARCnet, Local Loopback, Dummy Device
FreeBSD Ethernet and Local Loopback
Solaris 2.5 and above Ethernet and Local Loopback
DEC Ultrix Ethernet and Local Loopback
DEC Unix Ethernet and Local Loopback

To get an idea of how EPAN looks like please have a look at the following screenshots. EPAN currently runs on Linux 2.x and FreeBSD 2.2 systems with X11R6 installed and supports the following protocols:

Protocol family Protocols
TCP/IP MAC Ethernet, MAC IEEE 802.3, LLC (IEEE 802.2), SNAP, ARP, RARP, IP (incl. IPIP and IP-ENCAP), ICMP, IGMPv1, IGRP, TCP (incl. 9 TCP options), UDP, DNS (incl. 22 Resource Records), SUN RPC, TFTP, BOOTP/DHCP (incl. 63 vendor options), RIPv1, RIPv2, RWHO, TIME, DAYTIME
DECnet phase IV  
Banyan Vines  
You can find EPAN binaries and Debian packages at fbti.et-inf.fho-emden.de

Feel free to send comments and bug reports to tobias@et-inf.fho-emden.de (Peter Tobias).